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I love audiobook, but I also find it hard to concentrate on occasionally.

However, I find it such a convenient way to ‘read’ that I have it on almost constantly.

If I get distracted I whizz it back to where I can remember what was going on.

Like Andy I think I sometimes have it on to fill the quiet void of empty space. Having the tv on has the same effect but with 2 senses, sight as well as hearing it is easier to become distracted.

Total silence allows thoughts in that I don’t want to think, so I love white noise. Quiet natter that can be dipped into through the day is perfect for me as I’m able to zone in when I’m doing the washing and zone out whist doing the accounts.

For me it’s a god send at night, I set it on timer to go off after 20 mins during which time I go into a deep nightmare free sleep most nights. I would be lost without audible.

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What a great article Donna, and thanks for the mention. Yes it’s a strange experience that goes in a different way I think. When I was ‘proof listening’ I was doing so while reading along and yes that does work (although not recommended while driving). I always wanted to go on an air balloon too and never have. Not so sure now. Thanks for book recommendations. I love to read books set in different cultures and have read a few set in various African countries, but keen to read more.

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I too have tried listening to audiobooks. To be honest I thought it was just me because I tried listening on journeys through France but found myself lost, not knowing where I was in the story. (Sometimes we were lost in France too!) I also tried listening while cooking or whatever at home. Waste of time. Using headphones made no difference.

I haven't found podcasts all that interesting either. An odd one or two perhaps. But I do like to have the radio on pretty much all day. Is that to fill the void of silence? Or do I actually listen? Well it depends. I know that I can get as far as 'Today in Parliament' before I switch to Petroc Trelawny so I must hear some stuff. And I do listen to the radio in the car. I listen closely enough to suggest that the recent 'Lost Hancocks' on R4 was completely unfunny. And any 'celebrity' talking about their latest movie or TV show makes me reach for the off switch, if not a revolver.

When my children were little, their Postman Pat books had a ping when they needed to turn the page. I remember finding Rhian, the eldest daughter, reading to Ruth, two years younger. She had memorised all the words and where the ping came. I was both amused and delighted at Rhian's ability. It also led me to ponder what reading actually is. Which brings me back to audiobooks .....

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