Some hardbacks are heavy, big and difficult to read in bed. But I don't really have a preference for paper or hardbacks. I'm not bothered about first editions, although I have a couple. They don't mean that much to me - it's what's inside that matters. I do give and receive books as gifts. My family tells me I'm difficult to buy for but I couldn't comment on that. :-o I donate books, CDs, DVDs, clothes to charity shops. The only books I hang on to are those I might read again. Eventually they all go. I do own a K*ndle but I prefer Kobo because I don't want to give loads of money to that w*nker Bezos. And I read a lot. All sorts of things. The Guardian. Mojo, Novels. Short stories. Peotry. Emails. I do find it difficult to listen to folk reading stuff though. Currently reading "April in Spain" by John Banville.

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